Ferguson Protesters Line Up On Road To Stop Traffic, So Patriotic Driver Does THIS

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It was the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death this past weekend, and as a result, the racial protests in Ferguson, Missouri have been reignited.

On Monday, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters shut down I-70 as part of their “day of civil disobedience,” but one driver wasn’t about to let the race-baiters ruin his day. Video footage shows the driver slowly push her way through the protesters until she finally got through them and sped down the highway.

According to Conservative Tribune, she was the only driver to make it through the blockade. Everyone else had to wait twenty minutes for the Missouri Highway Patrol to arrive and break up the blockade.

This ridiculous protest was intended to force white drivers to sit and ponder their “white privilege.” Instead, it just made the protesters look like the ignorant fools that they are…

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