Bombshell Report Reveals Fox Debate Moderators PLANNED Trump Zingers

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Last week was the first GOP presidential debate, and afterwards the public made it known that Donald Trump was the undisputed winner.

This is particularly amazing considering the fact that new reports have revealed that the Fox moderators went into the debate planning to go after Trump.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Fox anchors Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Brett Baier knew a record audience would tune into the debate, so they prepared “zingers” for Trump so that they could get under his skin.

After the debate, Baier told the LA Times that he had a “plan” for Trump if he “got out of hand.” If Trump broke protocol during the debate, Baier was to say to him, “Mr. Trump, in your business you have rules. You follow rules. We have rules on this stage. We don’t want to have to escort you to the elevator outside this boardroom.”

That is an excerpt from the exact script Baier had at the read should Trump refuse to “behave.”

“We’re hoping we don’t have to use it,” Baier said. “But we’re locked and loaded.”

An official who was on set during rehearsals has recounted that when Megyn Kelly practiced the questions she was to ask Trump, a producer told her that “he’ll go berserk.” Kelly reportedly smiled smugly, since that is actually what she wanted to happen.

It’s sickening that the moderators went into this debate planning to take Trump down. Luckily, their plans failed, and Trump now has a record lead in the polls.

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