Polls Reveal Where Trump Stands After ‘Bloodgate’

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Last week was the first Republican debate, and the polls revealed that most Americans believe that Trump won by a landslide. However, after Trump’s campaign was hit with “bloodgate” over the weekend, many wondered if this was the end of Trump.

Luckily, the polls reveal that the scandal has not negatively affected Trump in any way.

NBC News conducted a poll over the 24 hour period between Friday night and Saturday night, during with “bloodgate” reached it’s peak. Despite the backlash he received from the media, Trump topped the poll at 23%, ten points ahead of his closest competition, Ted Cruz.

The poll also revealed that 54% of Trump’s supporters would vote for him even if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination. Only one in five Trump supporters said they would support the eventual Republican nominee if Trump does not get the nomination.

This comes as very good news for Trump, who spent the entire weekend dodging attacks from the mainstream media. While both the liberal and conservative media have turned their backs on Trump, it is clear that the people have not!

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