Mob Of Thugs Approaches Innocent Teen – Watch What Happens Next

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Just before 10pm on July 28, an 18 year-old white boy was walking down a street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Suddenly, the boy was approached by a mob of black thugs, one of whom yelled, “sock that n*gga,” and pointed at the boy.

The white boy was then thrown to the ground and viciously beaten by the gang, despite the fact that they had never even met him before. According to Infowars, the teen suffered severe bruising, scrapes, cuts and a concussion from the horrific crime.

“It almost appears like a game,” GRPD Capt. Matt Ostapowicz told 24 Hour News 8. “The one guy for whatever reason says, ‘Somebody hit him,’ and they did and everybody went crazy.”

“It turns into that mob mentality,” Ostapowicz continued. “He [the victim] gets sucker punched, knocked down and, as you can see, several people start stomping on all different parts of his body. We’re very fortunate he didn’t get hurt worse than he was.”

After police released the video, they were able to identify the suspects within 24 hours. Though cops say assault charges should be filed within days, they refused to comment on whether this was a hate crime. Instead, they have said they will be leaving that up to the prosecutors.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that this incident had not yet been labeled a hate crime. If a mob of white boys had attacked a black teen, this would be a hate crime that is all over the mainstream media. However, since the victim was white, the liberal media is doing everything they can to bury this story.

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