Liberals Made Fun Of His ‘Country’ Accent – He Responded With THIS

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Chad Prather is a Georgia-born Texan who is a proud cowboy and southern gentleman. When he was recently told by some smug northern liberals that his southern accent made him sound stupid and uneducated, he took to youtube to issue a blunt response…

According to Conservative Tribune, Prather first addressed those who are “offended” by his southern accent, saying, “Well, maybe I’m not that smart.”

“I would love to be as smooth, sophisticated, suave and debonaire as those of you who sent me those messages seem to be,” he said. “I wish that I could articulate my thoughts and enunciate my words as well as you master communicators must be capable of doing.”

He went on to explain that he learned his southern dialect while growing up in Georgia, and he said that he was never asked to change the way he spoke when he moved to Texas. Prather also reminded liberals that if they don’t like the way he talks, they don’t have to listen to him.

“If that’s all it takes really to offend your feeble mind however, let me remind you we got a lotta guns down here, we hunt, we fish, we burn up the ozone layer with our four-wheel drive trucks and our diesel engines,” the proud cowboy said. “We refer to women in our lives as ‘dear,’ ‘darlin,’ and ‘sweetheart,’ not as a term that’s derogatory or offensive, but as a term of endearment, and most of ’em tend to like it.”

Prather said that despite how southerners are portrayed in the media, they are actually very open-minded, kind people.

“I’m sorry if the way we talk offends you,” he said while shaking his head in the negative before adding, “Not really.”

He then signed off with the common southern phrase, “God bless.”

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