Singer Charlie Daniels Reveals How We Should ‘Get Rid Of Welfare Babies’

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Singer Charlie Daniels has had enough of welfare leaches in the U.S., so he penned a piece for CNS News this week to offer a solution of his own.

According to Mad World News, Daniels offered the perfect solution to the problem of welfare babies.

“People say that we’ve gone so far into the entitlement direction that there is no way to rectify it, but actually, there is a very simple way to fix this problem,” he wrote.

Here’s the legendary musician’s solution:

“To qualify for public assistance, the mother of the child should be required to identify the father, a simple task in this era of DNA testing. The father then either supports his children, all his children, or goes to jail until they all reach the age of majority.

If he has fathered multiple children, then he should have multiple jobs. No copouts, and no exceptions.”

Daniels added that after this, taxpayers would just need to sit back and watch the  “birth rate of fatherless children fall like a brick.” He also has a way to take care of the people who are fraudulently on the disability system.

“That person – after medical exams to prove the sham – should be taken off assistance, spend a year in jail and be forced to pay back the money they’ve already been paid,” Daniels wrote.

The singer admits that his solution is a bit drastic, but “things have gone so far that nothing less than drastic measures will ever turn it around.”

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