Florida Twins Caught Trying To Smuggle Cocaine Into Jail In Their VAGINAS

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A pair of Florida twin sisters were caught planning to smuggle crack cocaine while sitting in the back of a police car after their latest arrest.

Stacy and Stephanie Heichman, both 31, were arrested after police investigating a shoplifting at a Target in St. Johns County found a wallet belonging to one of them in a cart. According to Daily Mail, authorities then listened to an audio tape from the patrol car, and they clearly heard the girls plotting to hide crack cocaine on their bodies in order to smuggle the drug into jail.

In the audio, police heard Stacy tell her sister that she has a crack pipe hidden in her private parts. After hearing the tape, police arrested the Heichman twins on drug and larceny charges.

“These individuals have a great deal of ingenuity and again like in this case they’re willing to go to certain extremes in order to smuggle the contraband in,” Sheriff’s Commander Chuck Mulligan told the press. “We’ve seen individuals smuggle firearms and things like that — in other cases, not necessarily in the jail, but certainly individuals will secure items like that in body crevices and cavities/ We’ve seen that occur for years.”

Police later found a crack pipe stuffed in the seat cushions of the vehicle, in addition to the one found in Stacy’s body cavity. She is facing additional charges for smuggling contraband into prison.

This is not the first time the Heichman twins have been arrested…The girls have spent time in jail on multiple charges.

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