This Woman’s ‘Bad Habit’ Just Had A DEVASTATING Effect – We Can’t Believe This…

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Lena Lupari is a 26 year-old mother of three in Ireland who just learned the hard way that drinking 28 Red Bulls a day probably isn’t a good idea.

According to Mad World News, Lupari who claims she is now going blind after drinking nearly 30 Red Bull energy drinks a day for five years. Though her addiction cost her approximately $9,000 a year, she was able to fund it by using a quarter of her monthly welfare exclusively on Red Bull instead of on food for her children.

Lupari says her habit has caused her weight to increase dramatically, since the drink adds 3,000 unnecessary calories to her daily diet. This allegedly caused high blood pressure as well as pressure in her skull, which led to her deteriorating eyesight.


The young mother’s condition was discovered in June, when she was rushed to the hospital after she collapsed at her house. There, she was diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension, a condition that stems from being overweight.

Doctors told her that she would need to lose 98 pounds if she ever wanted to control her symptoms. She immediately gave up Red Bull and has lost 28 pounds in the last month, but now she wants the government to pay for the rest of her weight loss.

Lupari says that the only way she can lose the remaining 70 pounds is with a “bootcamp” workout, and she wants the Britain’s National Health Service to pay for it.

We hope this mother is able to lose the weight, but we don’t think taxpayers should have to foot the bill. She got herself into this mess, and it’s up to her to get herself out of it!

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