Researchers Make Major Biblical Discovery

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Archaeologists believe they have discovered the gate to the biblical city of Philistine Gath, where Goliath famously lived before it was destroyed in the ninth century B.C.

According to Daily Mail, archaeologists have discovered discovered the remains of an enormous gates and a fortified wall, giving them an idea of just how intimidating Goliath and the city of Gath was.

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“It appears we have located a monumental city gate of the lower city of Gath,” Professor Aren Maeir, an archaeologist from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, wrote on the team’s blog. “We still have to do a lot of cleaning, defining, digging and measuring to do, but it appears that there are really good chances we have truly landed on quite an astounding find.”

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“Many lines of megalithic stone are appearing, with nice corners, features and even mud bricks,” he continued. “While we are quite far from fully understanding this architectural complex, it is getting more and more impressive.”

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The city of Gath was one of five Philistine city-states, and it was the home of the formidable warrior Goliath, who was famously killed by David.

Once a powerful city, it is thought to have been destroyed during a siege by Hazael King of Aram Damascus around 830 BC.


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