Muslim Idiot Was Running His Mouth in Public – You’ll Love What This Guy Did Next

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Islam claims to be the religion of peace, but the reality is it’s anything but that.

A new video going viral this week proves this, as it shows a Muslim Sheik brainwashing and radicalizing vulnerable children in Jerusalem. According to Mad World News, his disturbing message to them centers around martyrdom. The Sheik encouraged the children to sacrifice their lives for Allah because if they do, they will be rewarded with two virgin brides and the opportunity to pick 70 relatives to allow into paradise.

While many people listened to the Sheik, one man couldn’t allow him to continue with this nonsense.

“Listen, sheikh,” the man interrupted. “They do not understand what you are saying. They are children.”

The outraged Sheik refused to respond to the man, and instead ordered the children to shout “Allah Akbar!” Because they had been totally brainwashed, the helpless children obliged.

“Shame on you,” the man continued. “You can teach these lessons to [adults] like us, not to them. Look at these children! Look what you are planting in their minds.”

We applaud this man for having the courage to expose the Sheik for the fool that he is!

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