Trump Reveals Plans To Shut Down The Government – The Reason Why Is BRILLIANT

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For the last few weeks, we have been reporting on Donald Trump, who found himself the target of liberal backlash after he criticized the U.S.’s relationship with Mexico during his campaign announcement.

While many didn’t take Trump seriously as a presidential candidate at the beginning, that all changed last week when polls revealed that Trump is currently the frontrunner in the race for the GOP nomination.

During a Monday interview, Trump revealed that he plans to shut down the government entirely in September if that is the only way to strip Planned Parenthood of their funding. This news came on the same day that the Senate failed to pass a bill that would defund the pro-abortion group. The bill only lost by seven votes.

According to Conservative Tribune, interviewer Hugh Hewitt asked Trump if “the only way to get rid of Planned Parenthood money for selling off baby parts, is to shut the government down in September, would you support that?”

“I can tell you this, I would,” Trump replied. “And I was also in support — if the Republicans stuck together, you could have done it with Obamacare also. But the Republicans decided not to stick together. And they left a few people out there, like Sen. Ted Cruz.”

“You know, they left a lot of the people that really went in, and wanted to do the job,” Trump continued. “And you know what, if they stuck together, they would have won that battle. I think you have to in this case also, yes.”

The bill to defund Planned Parenthood was presented by Trump’s fellow GOP candidate, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The Senator presented the bill in response to disturbing videos of Planned Parenthood officials buying and selling organs from aborted fetuses.

“Congress holds the power of the purse. So this is one measure Congress can take now –even with President Obama in the White House,” Paul said in an email to supporters. “And it’s up to you and me to ensure my colleagues in Congress take action, and set the stage for a pro-life President to sign even more pro-life legislation into law once elected.”

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