Catholic School Teacher Is Fired For Pole Dancing, So She Did THIS

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Marina Heck was a kindergarten teacher at a Catholic school in Milwaukee when she took up pole dancing as a hobby.

According to the Daily Caller, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee had Heck fired as soon as he found out about her little “hobby.” While this could have been a humiliating setback for the married mother of two, Heck instead used it as motivation.

Now, years later, Heck is the top pole dancing champion in the U.S.

“Immediately, when you hear the word pole or pole dancing, you associate it with stripping,” said Heck, who is now 41 years-old. “Now that it’s worldwide, it’s becoming more and more a legitimate sport.”

Heck won the national championship in New Orleans, and was then sent to the World Championships in London where she represented the U.S. There, she finished in eight place, but Heck was happy she made it that far when she saw her competition.

“Most of them own studios, or they have coaches, or they have teams they work with,” Heck said of her competitors. “When I told them I go to a studio once a week and train in my basement by myself, they thought I was crazy.”

Heck has created a state of the art pole dancing studio in her basement, equipped with cardio machines and weights, a pull-up bar and a sauna. She videotapes all of her practice sessions. While Heck encourages women everywhere to take up the sport, she also urges caution.

“I have fallen on my head,” Heck warned. “You have to be very careful.”

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