New York Gun Shop Sticks It To Muslims In An Epic Way

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Last week, we reported on Andrew Hallinan, the patriotic gun store owner being sued by CAIR after he banned Muslims from his gun shop in the wake of the Chattanooga terrorist attacks.

Now, a New York gun shop owner has followed Hallinan’s lead and banned Muslims from his store as well.

John Swartz, owner of JJ’s Sporting Goods in Saint Johnsville, New York, announced on July 30 that his store will not be selling guns to Muslims anymore because he can no longer discern which of them are radical and which are not. According to Breitbart, Swartz made the announcement in a Facebook post in which he said he “fears for his safety.”

“JJ’s has made a corporate decision,” the post read. “After lengthy meetings with the board of directors, and considering the recent attack of the recruiting station and the killing of 5 service men by a radical muslim, and since I cannot tell a radical muslim from the 6 non radical Muslims left in the world, we at JJ’s have decided not to sell any guns to Muslims!”

Swartz went on to say that his decision is also a response to the Chattanooga terrorist attack. 

“I cannot live with myself if someone was to purchase a weapon and use it to hurt other people, and I have decided since I can’t tell the difference, I will not sell a weapon if I know this person is a Muslim,” he said.

Muslims will likely go after Swartz just like they did with Hallinan, but we applaud him for being courageous enough to take a stand against radical Islam.

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