Trump Drops Bombshell About Obama

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For the last few weeks, we have been reporting on Donald Trump, who found himself the target of liberal backlash after he criticized the U.S.’s relationship with Mexico during his campaign announcement.

While many didn’t take Trump seriously as a presidential candidate at the beginning, that all changed last week when polls revealed that Trump is currently the frontrunner in the race for the GOP nomination.

Over the weekend, Trump learned that his numbers are still on the rise, and that he now has a towering lead over other GOP candidates with 24.9% of the vote. On Sunday, he used his success to make a series of accusations against Obama that is sure to leave the president terrified over what will happen should the business mogul take office.

According to Daily Mail, Trump told reporters that Obama has done “absolutely nothing” for the black community.

“I think he (Obama) has done a very poor job as president,” Trump said. He continued:

“We have $18 trillion in debt and (it’s) going up rapidly. We don’t have victories anymore. China is killing us on trade, Mexico is killing us at the border and also on trade.

I think that he has set a very poor standard. I think that he has set a very low bar. And I think that it’s a shame for the African-American people. And by the way, he has done nothing for African-American people. You look at what’s going on with their income levels, their youth.

I thought he would be a great cheerleader for this country. I thought that he would have done a great job for the Africa-American citizens of this country. He has done nothing. They are worse now than just about ever.

Here you have a black president who has done very poorly for the African-Americans of this country. I think I will win the African-American vote and I think I will win the Hispanic vote. And if you see the latest polls that have come out … you’ll see that.”

Obama is well aware that Trump will undo all his ridiculous policies should he make it to the White House, and considering his poll numbers, this is becoming a very real possibility.

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