Flag Group Accused Of Crashing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Party – Watch What REALLY Happened

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Last Saturday, a woman in Douglasville, Georgia accused a group of white people of barging onto her property with the intent to target and terrorize guests at a party of hers.

Many liberals across the country leapt to the woman’s defense and helped the story go viral, but video evidence has just proven that she wasn’t telling the truth. Levi Bush is the leader of a group called “Respect the Flag” (RtF), and he recently spoke with Mad World News to reveal what REALLY happened.

Bush said that his RtF convoy was driving down Veteran’s Memorial Highway after visiting and honoring a group of military veterans when they happened to pass the house of Melissa Alford. When the African American guests at Alfords home saw cars proudly displaying the American, Marine, Rebel, and Gadsden flags, they launched an attack on the convoy.

Bush was stunned when he suddenly saw Alford and her guests throwing objects at his vehicle. They ended up causing him to crash his car in a ditch, severely damaging his tires. After seeing what happened to Bush, his friends turned around in their cars and sped back to help him.

While the media has made it look like the black party goers were victimized by a large group, Bush revealed that there were actually twice as many of them as there were in his convoy. He admitted that one racial slur was thrown around by a man who is no longer a member of the RtF, but other than that they said nothing racist.

No one in the RtF was charged with any crime, not even trespassing. This proves that Alford and her race-baiting friends are lying. Clearly, this is yet another case of the media attacking whites and making blacks look like innocent victims.

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