Bombshell Reports Reveal Hitler Had An Atomic Weapon

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A disturbing new German documentary has claimed that Hitler may have had an atomic weapon.

According to Daily Mail, the Nazis developed a “flying saucer” device that could drop an atomic weapon. The German documentary, which is entitled The Search for Hitler’s Atom Bomb, says that the device had been tested on Russian prisoners near the end of the war.

Historian Matthia Uhl claims that the Nazis rushed to develop an atomic bomb near the end of the war, as they realized that it was the only chance they had of winning. The documentary focused on S.S. general Hans Kammler, who was given 175,000 concentration camp prisoners to work in V-weapons factories, tank production lines and building secret bunkers for the Nazi elite.

Kammler was one of the few generals who answered directly to Hitler, and he was put in charge of the race for nuclear bombs. He was said to have worked at Jonas Valley in Thuringia, which is believed to be the center of Nazi nuclear development.

After the war, the U.S. put a 100 year secrecy order on the files concerning what went on in the valley, so we won’t know for sure what happened there for another 30 years. Russian military intelligence agents, however, have said there were two nuclear tests in Thuringia.

“The Germans are in the throes of making and testing a new secret weapon, which has a large destructive force,” one Russian military intelligence report read. “The available bomb has a diameter of 1.5 meters. It consists of interlocking hollow balls.”

“Communicated by our reliable source from Germany: the Germans have conducted two explosions in Thuringia with great force,” another report read.

If Hitler did indeed develop a nuclear weapon, it would mean he was even closer to winning the war and taking over the world than we ever thought.

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