Top Secret Obama Documents Leak – He Never Wanted Us To See This…

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Seventeen unclassified Iran deal items have been locked into ultra-secure facilities that are typically only used for top secret info.

According to the Daily Beast, 18 documents were delivered to congress on July 19, and only one of them was classified. The other 17 documents were unclassified, yet Obama and his administration are doing everything they can to make sure the public never sees them. The State Department has ruled that these documents can only be viewed “in camera,” which means only people with special clearance can obtain them.

Critics say that by mixing a classified document with unclassified ones, the president is keeping important facts from the American people.

“The unclassified items… should be public. This is going to be the most important foreign policy decision that this Congress will make,” a Republican Senate aide told The Daily Beast. “This is the administration that once said it would be the most transparent administration in history. They’re not acting like it.”

“Many in Congress view the administration’s tactic of co-mingling unclassified documents with classified documents and requiring Congressional staffers to have secret clearances just to view certain unclassified documents as an attempt by the administration to limit open debate,” a second senior Republican Congressional staffer said.

Many of the unclassified documents contain important information about the Iran nuclear deal. One of the documents is entitled “Elements of Iran’s R&D Plan,” and it covers the “safeguards confidential plan [between] Iran and the IAEA.” Other documents may contain information that is diplomatically sensitive. One of them is a letter from the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, and the U.K. to Secretary of State John Kerry.

Despite this, Obama’s State Department has stood by their decision to keep the documents from public view.

“Some of the documents are the types of documents which, like State Department cables and other internal USG documents, we would not post publicly but would share with Congress in appropriate circumstances,” a State Department Official said. “Others are documents that, while not part of the [Iran nuclear agreement] itself, pertain to it and we were clear with the other P5+1 members and Iran that we would be sharing those documents with Congress, and we have.”

“Congress has every document that we have, and every Member of Congress and every staff [member] with the necessary security clearance can review all of the documents,” the official added.

This is yet another example of the Obama administration displaying shady behavior when it comes to transparency. Our president is a power-hungry maniac who MUST be stopped, or else we could all be in big trouble…

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