Former Clinton Mistress Comes Forward With Disturbing Claims ‘Bill Likes to Be Tied Up’

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Earlier this week, we reported that Kathleen Willey, who was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, has launched an anti-Hillary Clinton campaign in the hopes of ensuring that she does not make it to the White House.

Now, a woman who has a 12 year affair with Bill Clinton has dropped a series of bombshells that could put an end to Hillary’s presidential dream once and for all.

Gennifer Flowers has recounted her affair with President Clinton in two books: Passion and Betrayal and Sleeping with the President: My Intimate Years With Bill Clinton. According to Daily Mail, Flowers wrote that while Bill is “not very well endowed,” his “desire to please” is “astounding.” She claimed that Bill fantasized about having sex with her in a store window, and that he had a series of kinky sexual habits that you probably never expected.

While Flowers says she refused to have a threesome with Bill, she admitted that she often tied him to her bedpost with silk scarves.

“He was completely at my mercy,” she wrote. “And I took full advantage of it…Bill as always wanted to take it a step further, so next time I tied him to the bed, he asked me to use a dildo-shaped vibrator on him.”

Flowers wrote that her and Bill both had nicknames for their private parts: hers was named “Precious,” and his was “Willard.” She also claimed that Bill made fun of Hillary, calling her “the Sarge” or “Hilla the Hun.” He told his mistress that having sex with his wife was nothing more than a “duty.”

Flowers had very few positive things to say about Hillary.

“She looked like a fat frump…She had big, thick glasses; an ugly dress; and a big, fat butt,” she said. She also famously claimed that Bill told her that Hillary is a lesbian, saying she has “probably eaten more p**** than me.”

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