White House Gives Dentist Who Shot Lion Some BAD News

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Earlier today, we reported that even the people of Zimbabwe don’t give a hoot that Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer killed a local lion named Cecil earlier this month.

American liberals, however, are up in arms about it, and now President Obama himself has joined the circus against Palmer. According to Daily Mail, the White House announced on Thursday that they would review the public’s petition demanding that Palmer be extradited to Zimbabwe to answer for his “crime.”

Over 140,000 people have signed the petition in just a matter of days, as liberals have lost a hate-campaign against Palmer that has forced him to shut down his dental practice and go into hiding.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service also announced on Thursday that they are opening an investigation into Palmer to see if he was part of a conspiracy to violate a U.S. law against illegal wildlife trading. They will be trying to ascertain whether Palmer violated the Lacey Act, which prohibits the trading of wildlife that has been killed illegally.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the decision of whether to extradite Palmer will be left up to the Department of Justice.

Though Palmer is adamant that he was acting within the boundaries of the law and paid $55,000 for a legal permit to hunt the lion, one of his two guides has since been charged with poaching in Zimbabwe.

Palmer has not been seen in public since the backlash against him began this week.

“I understand and respect that not everyone shares the same views on hunting,” he wrote in the letter to his patients, adding that he will, “resume normal operations as soon as possible.”

It’s completely ridiculous that liberals are this upset about the death of a lion. We didn’t hear anything from these nut jobs two weeks ago when five members of the US military were killed in Chattanooga, but now that a lion is dead, they’re all up in arms!

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