Cop LOSES IT On Entitled Teen Thug During Traffic Stop

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A no-nonsense Illinois police officer is under fire this week after he was caught on camera going off on a foul-mouthed tirade against a teen.

According to Daily Mail, Rodney Wilson, 19, and his cousin Justin James, 18 were pulled over as police were looking for a man wanted for a series of crimes in the area. Wilson claimed that the officer asked for his ID before ordering him to exit his vehicle. When the entitled teen refused, saying he is not under arrest, the cop lost it.

“If I wanted you to get out the car I could command you to get out the car,” the cop said. I could pull your a** out the f****** car. I could break the f****** window and pull your a** out the f****** window if I wanted to.”

Wilson recorded 45 seconds of the heated exchange and later posted it on Twitter, where it got 22,000 shares in just a few hours.

Police Chief Greg Baker described the officer in the video as “young and inexperienced,” adding that his language breached the department’s code of conduct. He also said that the cop had been exposed to “things he probably hadn’t experienced before.”

“What he [Mr Wilson] did was he bated the officer into making some answers out there and then edited the clip into a very short clip that went viral,” a spokesman for the police department said. “There are two sides to every story and once the truth comes out I’s sure the public will see the officer was conducting himself properly.”

The police department went on to say that the entire stop lasted 37 minutes, and that Wilson had edited it into a 45 second clip to make himself look like the victim. At the end of the stop, James, who was riding with Wilson, was arrested in connection with another crime.

This is yet another example of young thugs treating cops with disrespect and thinking that they can get away with it. Shame on young people these days!

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