Thug Tries To Shoot Illegal Gun – BIG Mistake

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A new video is going viral this week, and it shows a young thug try to fire an illegal gun. Unfortunately for him, he fails miserably.

According to Mad World News, the punk is holding a shotgun with a sawed-off barrel, which is illegal in America. In this country, guns that are made with at least an 8.5 barrel must remain 30 inches in length to remain legal.

Knowing this, the cameraman suggests the thug “hip-fire” which means it would remain waist level. Things don’t quite go according to plan…

Ignoring the warnings, the entitled young man raises the gun to face-level, but the weapon doesn’t have a stock. It comes as no surprise when the force of firing the gun then knocks him backwards onto the ground, leaving him whimpering like the baby he is!

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