She Couldn’t Believe It When Her Husband Farted In Bed, But Then He Did This

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So, last night I was in the bed and I didn’t think my husband was coming to join me quite as soon as he did, so I was just in there doing my thing. I’ve been really gassy the last couple of days…

Well, I had just let a pretty serious toot go when he got in the bed and lifted the covers. Well, like I said I didn’t think he was coming in there, so I was just keeping the covers securely fastened around myself so the smell couldn’t escape, but when he lifted the covers it was not pretty.

So…I had to get a lesson in “fart etiquette.”

Apparently, when one farts in the bed one is to hang his or her fanny off the side of the bed until the gas has been expelled. Then the offender is to flap the covers vigorously until all of the unpleasant smell has dissipated. It is apparently never acceptable to attempt to trap the offending smells underneath the covers where they can unknowingly assault an innocent passerby.

Also, I am being accused of trying to give my husband a dutch oven, but I swear that I in no way attempted to shove his head under the blankets…

Just thought I’d share what I learned.

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