Obama’s Kenyan Brother Makes Bombshell Admission About President


July 29, 2015 8:16am PST

Last week, Obama visited Kenya for the first time since becoming president. While many saw this as a homecoming of sorts, Obama’s Kenyan family made it perfectly clear that they were not happy to see him.
According to Conservative Tribune, Obama’s brother Malik recently told the press that our president is “not an honest man.”
“(Barack) doesn’t want anything to do with (us),” said Malik. “He’s not an honest man. It’s a big humiliation.”
Malik and Barack were once very close, and Malik even served as best man at the future president’s wedding to Michelle. However, a rift between the two brothers formed when Obama refused to provide money for a family member’s funeral. Since then, the brothers have been at odds, and there is no evidence that they saw each other during the president’s visit.
Since their fight, Malik has been selling personal letters that Barack wrote him 20 years ago for $15,000 each, a violation of privacy that has left our president enraged.
Clearly, even Obama’s own family is tired of him and thinks that he needs to go. We’re glad that everyone is finally in agreement on this, get out of the White House Barack!


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