Islamic Leader Goes To US Gun Shop Where Muslims Are Banned – Gets A HUGE Surprise

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Earlier this week, we reported on Andy Hallinan, the Florida gun shop owner who bravely banned Muslims from his store in the wake of the Chattanooga shooting.

A video of Hallinan declaring his gun store to be a “Muslim-free zone” went viral this week, and now he has made another announcement that has left the country stunned: he has revealed he will now start studying the Quran.

According to Conservative Tribune, Hallinan invited one of the leaders of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to attend gun classes at his shop. In return for the lessons, the leader will sit down with Hallinan and try to convince him that he has misinterpreted the Quran.

Good luck with that!

Hallinan told reporters that Hassan Shibly, the executive director of Florida’s CAIR offices, said he would “come up and listen to me teach about guns, and he’s going to take my class.”

“Afterwards we’re going to sit down and we’re going study the Koran a little bit together,” Hallinan continued. “He’s very confident that he can sway my position on what I believe that Islam is. I’m not so sure, but I’m definitely open and willing to have that kind of conversation with him.”

“He believes he can sway my opinion on the Koran and on Islam in general, and he believes that I’m taking the portions of the Koran that I’ve studied out of context,” he added. Unfortunately for Shibly, however, Hallinan also revealed that he has actually been studying Islam for quite some time, and that he’s pretty sure he’s right about his convictions.

“I’m totally open-minded to the ideas that he’s presenting, but I’m doubling down on my position,” Hallinan concluded. “I have definitely researched … Islam over the last six years, and I’ve found it to be a violent, hateful religion and if he can convince me otherwise, all the power to him.”

Shibly is one of the main Muslims pushing for Hallinan to be investigated by the Department of Justice. The Muslim leader said that Hallinan declaring his store to be a “Muslim-free zone” was “very hurtful. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking that there are some places that are off-limits to them simply because of the religion they choose to follow and practice.”

Shibly clearly thinks that Hallinan is an ignorant Christian who has never studied any other religion, especially not Islam. It looks like he’s in for a big wakeup call when he sits down with Hallinan for his first lesson!

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