BREAKING: Another US Military Recruitment Center Is Under Attack

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Last week, the nation was stunned when a Muslim extremist barged onto a Chattanooga, Tennessee military base and opened fire. Four marines and one Navy man were killed.

In a truly sickening betrayal, Obama responded to the attack by offering Muslims an encouraging message about Ramadan. Despite the fact that ISIS has taken responsibility for the terrorist attack, Obama has yet to call them out for it.

Liberals have done everything they can to make last week’s shooting look like an “isolated incident,” but something happened today that makes this explanation impossible to believe. According to Infowars, all military recruitment centers in Tampa, Florida were evacuated today after they received serious threats of violence.

“All recruitment centers in the Tampa area have been ordered to evacuate due to threats that there will be shootings. Info from a recruiter,” Georgia resident Jeff Hanson stated in a tweet.

Hanson was notified of the evacuations from his son, who lives with a Tampa recruiter.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3.45.29 PM

Local reporters managed to capture images of closed recruitment centers in Tampa.





This serves as a grim reminder that the U.S. military is currently under attack on American soil. It is VITAL that Obama allow military recruiters to bear arms as they try to find young men and women to serve our country.

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