Obama General Demands We Put ‘Radical’ Conservatives In Internment Camps

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Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, General Wesley Clark (Ret.) is a staunch Democrat who is known for his opposition to President George W. Bush during the aftermath of 9/11. He unsuccessfully ran for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2004, and since then he has been a strong supporter of Barack Obama.

This week, Clark made a series of controversial comments during an interview with MSNBC that left conservatives everywhere shocked and appalled. When host Thomas Roberts asked Clark how he would handle domestic terrorists, he responded with comments suggesting that “radicalized” Americans should be placed in internment camps to protect “normal communities.”

Of course, in Clark’s warped liberal mind, “radicalized” Americans are actually patriotic conservatives. Here’s an excerpt of his interview, courtesy of Mad World News:

“That’s why I’m very excited to tell you about the launch of my new organization, WesPAC – Securing America’s Future, and to invite you to join me in this new endeavor. WesPAC is a results-oriented political action committee with two central objectives: first, to replace the current, radical Administration and its political allies; and second, to provide leadership in national security and to advocate for a strong, sound foreign policy.”

The backlash against Clark’s comments has been swift, with many questioning how he would define “radicalized” Americans.

“So who makes the determination of who is “disloyal” to the United States? That’s a very flexible word. What defines a “normal community?” asked Colonel Allen West (Ret.).

“I know there are many who are responding to this statement, but we should take the time and carefully analyze what Clark did NOT say – that is key,” West continued. “Sometimes the omission of language can lend an understanding into what the message the speaker is truly trying to convey.”

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