Teacher Caught Having Sex With Six Students…In Her CLASSROOM

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A New Jersey teacher has been arrested for having sex with six of her students, and her defense has left many shocked and appalled.

Nicole DuFault, 36, language arts teacher at Columbia High School in Maplewood before she was arrested last September and charged with aggravated sexual assault and child endangerment charges. She plead not guilty to all charges in April, but her latest defense is that she has a brain condition that left her “vulnerable” to her student’s advances.

According to NBC New York, DuFault is accused of having sex with six 14-15 year-old boys between 2013 and 2014. The sex acts occurred either on school property or in the teacher’s car.

Now, DuFault is saying that she has frontal lobe syndrome, a condition experts say is often associated with socially inappropriate behavior. The condition leaves people unable to control their impulses, and causes them to suffer from a variety of other symptoms.


DuFault’s lawyers say she got the condition when a brain surgery she received after her first pregnancy went horribly wrong. During that surgery, a shunt was installed in her brain, but it apparently hasn’t been working properly.

Prosecutors aren’t having any of this, however, and they have announced that they will be moving forward with the case.

“All too often victims of sexual abuse are demonized by their abusers. It takes a tremendous amount of courage for a victim, especially a juvenile victim, to come forward knowing the stigma some in society place on victims of sexual abuse,” Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Gina Iosim said in a statement. “We continue to prepare for trial so our juvenile victims may find the justice they are seeking.”

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