MTV Targets White People With Disturbing New Video

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Over the last few months, MTV has made it very clear that they are submitting to race-baiters by promoting an anti-white agenda.

Last night, the teen channel premiered their new documentary White People which was meant to attack “white privilege” and guilt-trip whites. To promote the film, MTV posted a video to youtube in which they targeted white people for “racial microaggressions” directed against people of color.

According to Infowars, here’s a list of some of the things MTV claims are “racist:”

– Saying black people are good at sports;

– Saying black people are good at dancing;

– Asking where someone is from;

– Complimenting someone on their English;

– Complimenting black people on their hair;

– Saying a person of color looks like someone else;

– Saying a person of color is “pretty”;

– Saying that you like black culture.

And there are many more where those come from…

Basically, if you say you like black culture, you’re racist. Also, if you say you don’t like black culture, you’re racist. Makes perfect sense to me!

Many youtube users didn’t hold back about their feelings on the video in their comments.

“This is f**king dumb. I’m Cuban, and when people find out they frequently are surprised “but you look so white, how can you be Cuban?” wrote Adam Tarnoff. “It’s not a microaggression, I don’t cry to tumblr about my made up first world problems. This is tumblrisms being made mainstream.”

“I’m Hispanic and I am so f**king sick of all this anti-White bulls**t,” wrote another commenter. “I, as a Hispanic, have faced more stereotypes and racism (and I mean ACTUAL racism) from Blacks, Asians, and other Hispanics than I have from White people. As a matter of fact, White people are more respectful than other “people of color” when it comes to race.”

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