Massive Sheep-Human Sex Ring BUSTED

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Three farmers have been arrested in Swansea, Wales for operating a sheep brothel.

Adam Cofferty and John Cofferty and their father David Cofferty reportedly ran a gentleman’s club known as the “Ram’s Inn” in the rural town of Grange Road, Swansea. The Cofferty men confessed to owning and operating the brothel January 2011 and July of 2015.

RSPCA Officers removed 47 sheep of various colors and breed from the Cofferty property, and it is believed that the Coffertys charged varying rates depending on the breed and quality of the sheep. The building where the sheep were housed had various bedrooms, including some with mirrored ceilings.

David Cofferty, 52, told the court that he and his sons were business partners in the endeavor. He admitted that he had “full knowledge” that the building was being used as an animal brothel, but he claimed that he was not involved in managing it and that he took no money from it.

A jury took less than three hours to find the Cofferty men guilty and they have all been sentenced to four years in prison.

“All the defendants were arrested in early July as part of an on-going crackdown on organized crime in Wales,” said Detective Inspector John Jones of Swansea CID. “They were quickly charged and today is the culmination of a detailed investigation involving thousands of hours of work by officers.”

“This case was never about targeting sex workers. It is about showing communities across Wales that we are determined to bring those involved in serious crime to justice,” he added. “We’d continue to appeal to anyone with information about serious and organized crime to contact us. We will act on all the information that we receive.”

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