BREAKING – Obama Bows To Conservatives

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Last week, Americans everywhere were shocked when a Muslim extremist barged onto a Chattanooga military base and killed four U.S. Marines as well as a member of the Navy.

Instead of honoring the victims of this senseless act of terror, Obama chose to instead honor Muslims by issuing a lengthy statement congratulating them on the end of Ramadan. The president then refused to acknowledge that the Chattanooga shooting was a terrorist attack, despite the fact that the gunman was a Muslim extremist and that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack shortly afterwards.

Over the weekend, Americans were further disgusted when Obama refused to lower the American flag at the White House to half-mast in honor of the victims. Finally, after days of backlash from conservatives, Obama finally submitted to them on Tuesday and begrudgingly lowered the flag.

While we’re glad that the victims in this tragedy are finally being honored the way they deserve, it’s sickening that it took this long for Obama to lower the flag. The men killed in this attack were all putting their lives at risk to serve our country: they deserved to be honored last Thursday, when they were murdered. Instead, it took the president five days to honor them, and he finally did so only because conservatives demanded it…

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