‘Bloods’ Gang Caught On Camera Viciously Attacking KKK

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Since the tragic shooting in Charleston a few weeks ago, liberals have been on a mission to get the Confederate flag banned from as many places as they can.

Protests have popped up all over the South on both sides of this divisive issue. Of course, the mainstream media is only profiling stories in which blacks are victimized, but video footage proves that whites are becoming the victims of hate crimes too.

This past weekend, two of America’s most infamous hate groups, the Bloods gang and the Ku Klux Klan, faced off in South Carolina. According to Conservative Tribune, a rapper named V. Aura proudly posted a video of members of the Bloods gang viciously a KKK member.

“I caught em giving one of the KLu [sic] Klux Klan memebera [sic] the business after their racist rally they [sic]… Bloods vs KKK in South Carolina_ #GameOver,” the rapper wrote alongside the video.

While we certainly don’t support the KKK, this footage shows that blacks aren’t the only ones being attacked for their race. In today’s race-baiting society, there has been a disturbing increase in black-on-white hate crimes. If something doesn’t change very soon, we could all be in big trouble…

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