You’ll Be LIVID When You Find Out Why Obama Lit The Empire State Building In Green

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Last week, Americans everywhere were shocked when a Muslim extremist barged onto a Chattanooga military base and killed four U.S. Marines. Less than 24 hours after the tragedy, the owners of the Empire State Building decided to light it up in green to honor Muslims by signifying the end of Ramadan.

This left the infamous conservative Pamela Geller outraged, and she penned a column voicing her frustrations. According to Conservative Tribune, Geller wrote that “2,988 people were shot, burned, blown up, beheaded or hacked to death” during this year’s Ramadan, which is the holiest Muslim holiday. She also slammed officials for choosing to light up the Empire State Building this way “not a day after five U.S. soldiers [sic] were murdered in cold blood in the cause of Islam on American soil.”


“Wouldn’t it have been (more) appropriate and respectful for the owners of the Empire State Building, in honor of our fallen heroes, if they had to commemorate Eid at all, to drape the Empire State Building in red, white and blue?” she asked.

“Christians aren’t slaughtering people worldwide in the name of Jesus, and Jews aren’t slaughtering people worldwide in the name of HaShem,” Geller continued. She added that by lighting up the Empire State Building in this way, officials basically chose “[t]o reward those who are killing us,” and all “while the bodies of the dead in the latest jihad attack on Americans” were “still warm.”

“This is not tolerance,” she concluded. “This is surrender.”

New York officials weren’t the only ones to honor Muslims after this tragedy. Obama himself also issued a statement celebrating the end of Ramadan before he even addressed the Chattanooga shooting. He still refuses to blame Muslim terrorists for this atrocity.

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