Obama Launches Plan To Shut Sheriff Joe Arpaio Up For GOOD


July 17, 2015 1:25pm PST

For years now, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been one of Barack Obama’s most vocal critics.

Arpaio first entered the national spotlight when he became an outspoken advocate demanding Obama release his birth certificate. When the White House finally released one, Arpaio insisted it was a fraud, and he has been gathering evidence that it was fake ever since. He has spent the last few months trying to get Obama to court to answer questions about his amnesty plan.

Arpaio has earned fans all over the country for his tell-it-like-it-is attitude and his fearlessness in the face of Obama, so it comes as no surprise that the president hates him.

According to Conservative Tribune, Obama has now ordered the justice department to oversee every single raid Arpaio and his team conduct on work sites. The DOJ has claimed that they are simply making sure that the sheriff’s deputies are abiding by the Constitution, but why this is so important to the Obama administration remains a mystery.

Obama will also be forcing law enforcement in Arpaio’s Maricopa County to provide classes for all of the inmates in their county jail. These classes will include courses in both Spanish and English.

These changes are part of a settlement in a discrimination complaint filed by the Obama administration against Arpaio’s police department two years ago.

“(T)hese agreements ensure that progress continues and the constitutional rights of the people of Maricopa County will be protected for the long term,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mark Kappelhoff said in a ridiculous statement.

Sheriff Arpaio’s office has yet to comment on this matter, saying they are waiting for an “appropriate time” to do so.

Clearly, the Obama administration is trying to silence Arpaio and stop him from continuing to expose their criminal activities. Unfortunately for them, we’re pretty sure Sheriff Arpaio isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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