He Jammed A Stick Into An Old Soda Bottle – What He Did Next Is Amazing

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In this video, you’ll learn how to make a broom out of old soda bottles.

Start by gathering at least three empty 2-liter soda bottles (the more the better, in the video he uses five). Remove the labels and cut into the first bottle an inch below the curve at the top.

Then, cut off the bottom of the second bottle and cut lines along the bottom of it. Cut ½ inch apart around the bottle, creating the bristles of the broom.

Do the same thing with the third bottle, but also cut off the snout at the top of this one. If you use additional bottles, cut them the same way you did the third one.

Once you’ve done this, place all the bottles on top of the second one. Then, use a stick to assemble the bottles into a broom. Finally, use a drill and screw to fasten the broom into place, and then you’re done!

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