Texas Closer To Secession Than Ever After THIS Happens

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Last week, we reported that Texas had made a major move towards secession when their legislature ruled that their gold holdings would be kept within their own borders.

According to Conservative Tribune, the Texas Nationalist Movement has begun a “Take Texas Back Tour” in the hopes of gathering signatures to force a referendum on secession from the U.S. in November of 2016. Though the signatures can’t force a referendum, only the Texas state legislature can, they could put pressure on the government to put the issue on the ballot.

At a recent event in Tyler, the group got their highest turn out ever when 88 people showed up. 68 people then turned up at an event in Fort Worth, and additional events are planned in Marshall, New Braunfels, Austin, Corpus Christi, Conroe and Dallas.

“This tour is our way of connecting with the thousands of Texans who have pledged their support to our cause and makes a statement about the direction of the Texas Nationalist Movement,” TNM President Daniel Miller said in a statement on the group’s website. “The relentless march to identify, communicate with and organize TNM supporters who are seeking to work for the independence of Texas is paramount at this point.”

Though this movement is clearly gaining momentum, they are facing an uphill battle. Not only did the Supreme Court rule in 1869 that no state can secede from the Union, but the Texas state legislature won’t be meeting again until January of 2017. This means that Greg Abbott would have to call the legislature together if this issue is going to be heard before then.

However, if this group can somehow get this issue on the ballot, secession would likely happen very quickly. In 2013, KSAT in San Antonio issued a poll asking Texans if they would like to secede: an unprecedented 75% answered yes.

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