Hillary Clinton Gets Some Very Bad News – She’s In Big Trouble

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For the last few months, Hillary Clinton has cockily assumed that she will be getting the 2016 Democratic nomination. Unfortunately for her, polls have revealed that support for her is waning, and that she may not be getting the nomination after all.

According to IJ Review, a new poll from Monmouth University shows that Hillary is still in the lead among Democrats with 51% of the vote. However, this number is down from 57% in June and 60% in April, meaning that Hillary is on a steady decline among voters.


Much of the problem for Hillary stems from Bernie Sanders, who has been gaining supporters over the last few months. In the newest poll, Sanders came in at 17%, up from 12% in June and 7% in April. Sanders has been getting lots of attention for stealing many of the younger voters from Hillary’s side. However, experts say that Sanders may not even be Hillary’s biggest threat on the Democrat side.

Both experts and the polls say that if Vice President Joe Biden enters the race, he will be a serious threat to Hillary. Polls say that Biden currently would have 13% of the vote on the Democrat side, and he hasn’t even announced yet! The Monmouth University poll shows that this number would grow if he enters the race, with 12% of voters saying they would be “very likely” to support Biden. Another 31% said they would be “somewhat likely” to support him.

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“Most people seem to be focusing on a Sanders surge among the liberal wing of the party,” Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. “But the bigger threat to Clinton may come from a Biden candidacy, where the two would be fighting for the same voters.”

It looks like Hillary needs to watch out, because there’s some serious competition coming for her!

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