Obama Set To Be Confronted By 5,000 Naked Male and Female Prostitutes

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President Obama is eagerly awaiting his visit to his “native” Kenya next week, but when he gets there, he is in for quite a surprise.

According to Daily Mail, Obama is set to be confronted by 5,000 naked male and female prostitutes when he arrives in Kenya. This is to be part of an anti-gay protest that is meant to “show him the difference between men and women.” The protest was organized by the Republican Liberty Party, whose leader Vincent Kidala boasted that the prostitutes agreed to participate free of charge because they would lose business if homosexuality is legalized.

“The procession shall be carried out by 5,000 totally naked men and women to protest over Obama’s open and aggressive support for homosexuality,” Kidala said. “Our party has a network of prostitutes in Nairobi, Nakuru and other counties. This is where we shall get all these people whose number we expect to increase.”

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The protest is due to take place at Freedom Corner in Nairobi’s Uhuru Park on July 22 and 23.

This comes just a day after Obama’s Kenyan family publicly turned on him, slamming him for not informing them that he would be visiting the country. All this is sure to add up to make Obama’s Kenyan visit much more complicated than he ever intended!

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