General Motors Takes A Stand For Kid Rock In Wake Of Liberal Backlash

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Last week, Kid Rock found himself the target of liberal backlash after he refused to denounce the confederate flag.

In fact, when race-baiters first called him out, Kid Rock responded by saying, “kiss my a**!”

Since the singer stood up to them, liberals have been calling for a massive boycott of Kid Rock, demanding that all companies refuse to work with him. Despite this, General Motors has announced that they will continue to sponsor¬†Kid Rock’s summer tour, even though a liberal activist group has demanded they cut all ties with him.

According to Fox, General Motors spokesman Robert Ritchie told the press that only the American flag has been onstage during Kid Rock’s concerts, despite the fact that liberals have accused him of displaying the Confederate flag.

This decision by General Motors has unfortunately put them in the line of fire, and they will now need to brave the liberal firestorm. Representatives from GM’s Chevrolet brand are set to meet with the National Action Network later this week.

We, however, applaud General Motors for having the courage to stand by Kid Rock in the face of liberal pressure!

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