Michelle Obama Challenged Sarah Palin , But It Didn’t End Well For Her


July 14, 2015 2:01pm PST

Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin are two of the most iconic women in their respective parties. However, the way that they got there could not be more different.

Sarah Palin is a hardworking woman who rose through the political ranks having come from nothing. In just a few years, she went from being the mayor of a small town in Alaska to nearly being a heartbeat away from the presidency. All of this was accomplished through her own hard work and personal ambition.

Michelle, meanwhile, is a shameless freeloader who has done nothing to earn her spot in the White House. Everything that she has accomplished has solely been because of her husband. While most people in Michelle’s position would be humble and grateful, she has been anything but. Instead, she has spent millions of American tax dollars on her own lavish lifestyle, treating herself like a queen on the American taxpayers’ dime.

Since becoming a powerful figure among Republicans, Palin has tried to use her fame to promote a strong Christian message among young people. She has tried to empower young women to work hard while also staying true to God. Michelle, meanwhile, has spent her time in the White House trying to tell other parents how to feed their children. Instead of promoting a Christian message, Michelle and her husband instead prefer to cater to Muslims and other radical minority groups.

Palin repeatedly talks about how proud she is of this country and how thankful she is to those who serve it. In contrast, Michelle bashes America every chance she gets.

It’s incredibly unfair that it’s Michelle Obama who gets to sleep in the White House every night, but she shouldn’t get too comfortable. In two years, she’ll be back out in the real world again, and we doubt she’ll have the work ethic to stay in the public eye like Palin did.

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