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For the last few days, we have been reporting on the controversy surrounding comments Donald Trump made about Mexico during his campaign announcement.

During his speech, the legendary businessman complained about the many criminals that are sneaking into the U.S. from Mexico, calling many of them “rapists.” Outraged, the Spanish-language television channel Univision announced that they would be boycotting Trump by refusing to broadcast his Miss Universe Pageant.

NBC quickly followed suit by ending their relationship with Trump on Monday. Days later, Macy’s also announced that they would be cutting ties with Trump after more than a decade of working with him.

Unfazed, Trump has stood by the comments he made, saying repeatedly that the U.S.’s relationship with Mexico has become problematic. His unapologetic attitude has clearly paid off, as last week he was named as the frontrunner in the race for the GOP nomination.

Trump has earned he respect of Republicans by saying exactly what he thinks at all times. Over the weekend, he did this once again when he issued a blunt message to Christians.

The Christians are being treated horribly because we have nobody to represent the Christians. Believe me, if I run and I win, I will be the greatest representative of the Christians they’ve had in a long time,” Trump told a crowd of supporters, according to Conservative Tribune.

Trump went on to call out Obama for his anti-Christian immigration policies.

“I learned this weekend … that if you’re a Christian living in Syria you can’t come into this country,” Trump continued. “Yet, if you are a Muslim living in Syria, who are not under attack, they can come in. We have Christians being beheaded all over the world by ISIS. In Syria and in Iraq, in particular, those Christians can’t come into this country.”

Trump’s latest comments have earned him the support of thousands of Christians who are sick and tired of being persecuted by our current president.

“Trump’s ability to cut through the clutter and paint the world in ‘absolutes’ attracts quite a few evangelical voters,” said David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network. “Remember, evangelicals hold true to their ‘biblical absolutes,’ so to see a person like Trump let it rip and tell it like it is becomes a somewhat endearing quality to some evangelicals. Trump takes hits for his boldness, and evangelicals take hits from society for their biblical boldness, too.”

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