She Stretched A Rubber Band On A Door Handle – What She Did Next Made Me Want To Try This

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Rubber bands are one of the most helpful appliances you can have around the house.

The uses for rubber bands seem to be infinite, but in this video, you’ll learn six rubber band hacks that you probably weren’t aware of before. Here are all six, courtesy of American Overlook:

  1. Have you ever had trouble opening up a jar? Simply wrap a rubber band around the lid, grip, and twist it open.
  2. If you’re annoyed by your glasses, you can stop them from falling off your face easily with rubber bands. Just wrap a band around the side of each frame to provide more grip behind your ears.
  3. Don’t let your spoon fall into the bowl by wrapping a rubber band around it. This will help it easily balance on the edge.
  4. Prevent your books from getting damaged while you travel by keeping them shut with a rubber band. You can also roll up a magazine and put a rubber band around it to keep it from getting destroyed.
  5. Don’t let your cutting board move on you! Wrap rubber bands on each side to grip it in place.
  6. Wrap a rubber band from one door handle to the other to prevent the door from locking on you when you shut it.

We can’t wait to try these tricks out ourselves!

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