Thug Tries To Attack Three Cops, But He Didn’t See This Coming

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Race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have created an anti-police atmosphere in the U.S. that has gotten so bad that young thugs and punks literally feel like they are above police officers these days.

This was only made worse when President Obama himself slammed the U.S. police and blamed them for the violent race riots that currently plague the U.S., rather than the protesters themselves.

This video is another example of a thug literally thinking he is above the law. Watch as the young punk tries to take on three police officers, then gets the surprise of his life when a cop sneaks up behind him and tasers him.

Luckily, the officer who tasered the young man was black. Sadly, a white officer would probably not be allowed to taser a suspect like this these days. Had he been white, you would likely have seen this video all over the mainstream media as an example of police brutality and “racism.”

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