Tom Selleck VINDICATED After Damning Lawsuit

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Last week, we reported that conservative actor Tom Selleck had found himself in hot water after a lawsuit was filed against him accusing him of stealing gallons of water from a hydrant despite the devastating drought in California.

The sued, which was filed by Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County, California, accused Selleck of hiring trucks to retrieve water from a nearby valley for his 60 acre Hollywood ranch. This lawsuit could have had a devastating impact on the reputation of Selleck, since California residents have been urged to limit their water usage by 25% in the wake of the drought.

Unfortunately for the water district, however, an investigator has just revealed that Selleck did in fact pay for the water he was accused of stealing. According to Conservative Tribune, Selleck made a deal with a construction company that had paid the city to secure the right to draw water from city hydrants two years ago.

“There was water used during that time, and it was paid for,” said Jay Spurgin, a public works director.

The deal reportedly allows the construction company to draw as much water as they want, whenever they want, and to use it on whatever they want.

This comes as bad news for the water district, who spent $22,000 in taxpayer dollars to investigate these accusations and try to catch Selleck in the act.

Since the original story broke, the liberal media has done everything they can to make this story go viral in an attempt to shame the conservative Selleck. We’re glad to see that Selleck was vindicated and that justice prevailed!

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