BREAKING: Five Governors Team Up To REJECT Obama’s Latest Executive Order

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Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has shown that he is a power-hungry maniac by repeatedly bypassing congress to enact sweeping executive orders.

Knowing that congress would never approve of imposing radical global warming rules on America, Obama recently announced unconstitutional executive orders to limit carbon emissions. He wasn’t counting on five governors to team up against him so quickly…

Republican Governors Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, Greg Abbott of Texas, Mike Pence of Indiana, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin have all come together to defy Obama in a huge way. According to Political Insider, these five governors have announced that they may refuse to enforce the new rules in their states.

The New York Times stated that this resistance could ignite a major clash between federal and state authorities which could cover climate rules in red tape for years. It could also ruin Obama’s plans to convince other countries in the United Nations to adopt the same changes.

This could be especially bad for Obama since two of the defiant governors, Jindal and Walker, are running for president in 2016. The president is undoubtedly livid that these governors have chosen to defy him, but unfortunately for Obama and his minions, there’s nothing he can really do to stop them.

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