Obama-Voter Threatens To Use Stun Gun, Then Gets Some Instant Karma

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A video shot in East St. Louis last week shows a freeloading woman wave a taser around as she engages in a bitter argument. Just when it looks like she’s about to use it, she gets hit with some instant justice that stops her dead in her tracks.

The video opens with the woman waving her taser around threateningly. At first, the crowd panics as it looks like she is about to use the stun gun. Then, however, the crowd notices a speeding car coming their way.

The car eventually speeds into the woman and her friend, sending them flying into the air. The driver then went into reverse to escape, and St. Louis police are still looking for him.

“The suspect was in a vehicle and ran over 4 girls then allegedly hit a car later on,” said St. Louis Police Chief Michael Floore, according to Conservative Tribune. “We do have the car the driver committed the crime in, we currently have a person of interest we are looking for. We have also interviewed all of the victims and witnesses out there.”

As of this weekend, the driver was still at large, and the U.S. Marshals had joined the search for him. Remarkably, the women walked away with only minor injuries from the incident.

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