GRAPHIC: ISIS Releases Disturbing Footage Of Their Biggest Massacre Yet

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ISIS has become known for their graphic execution videos that have left the world both terrified and disgusted. Now, the terrorist group has released graphic video footage of their deadliest massacre either.

The footage is from the Speicher massacre, which took place last year in Tikrit, Iraq. According to Daily Mail, an estimated 1,700 military cadets were slaughtered there by ISIS.

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The video shows young men falling out of trucks and begging for mercy before they are forced to lie in shallow graves and are shot with machine guns. Others are shot individually and then dumped in the Tigris River.

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If the estimates of the number of deaths are correct, this would be one of the worse mass killings in Iraq in the last decade. The massacre was so big that the graves used to bury the dead could be seen from space. The vast majority of the victims were Shiite Muslims.

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“This is a message I address to the whole world and especially to the Rafidha dogs, I tell them we are coming,” an ISIS leader said in the video, using a derogatory term for Shiite Muslims.

This footage was released just four days after 24 men were sentenced to death by hanging by a Baghdad court for their role in the massacre.

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This footage serves as a grim reminder that ISIS is a terrorist group whose ruthlessness is at a level we have never seen before. If they are not stopped soon, we could all be in big trouble.

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