Puerto Rico Could Become A State Very Soon

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Democrats have launched a new push to get Puerto Rico to become a state.

Of course, liberals would love nothing more than for this territory to become the 51st state, because this island made up mostly of hispanics would undoubtedly end up voting Democrats. However, the person pushing for Puerto Rican statehood right now is someone that we NEVER expected…

Former Florida governor and likely presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke out this week in favor of Puerto Rico becoming a state.

“Puerto Rican citizens, U.S. citizens, ought to have the right to determine whether they want to be a state. I think statehood is the best path, personally,” he said at Universidad Metropolitana de Cupey in San Juan on Tuesday. “I have believed that for a long, long while. I’m not new to this.”

According to CNN, Bush has lots of history with both Puerto Rico and hispanic populations. Fluent in Spanish, Bush ran his father’s 1980 campaign presidential campaign in Puerto Rico, which helped him win the primary. His wife is also from Mexico.

In his speech, Bush said that the next president should “use their influence” to ensure that congress finally takes up a vote on statehood.

“This should be a question of self-determination,” he said. “That’s just a question of principle and morality, I think. It’s not a question of politics.”

Talking to reporters, Bush reminisced about his glory days campaigning for his father in Puerto Rico.

“I learned how to organize intensely, here. I learned the passion. I learned how to drink a lot of Puerto Rican rum,” he told reporters. “I had a blast. It was great.”

In a 2012 vote, nearly 61% of Puerto Ricans voted that they would like to become a state. Were they to vote again, we can only assume that this number would be even higher.

Do you think Puerto Rico should become a state? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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