Trump’s ‘Racist’ Comments Just Had A Consequence NOBODY Saw Coming

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For the last few days, we have been reporting on the controversy surrounding comments Donald Trump made about Mexico during his campaign announcement.

During his speech, the legendary businessman complained about the many criminals that are sneaking into the U.S. from Mexico, calling many of them “rapists.” Outraged, the Spanish-language television channel Univision announced that they would be boycotting Trump by refusing to broadcast his Miss Universe Pageant.

NBC quickly followed suit by ending their relationship with Trump on Monday. Days later, Macy’s also announced that they would be cutting ties with Trump after more than a decade of working with him.

Unfazed, Trump has stood by the comments he made, saying repeatedly that the U.S.’s relationship with Mexico has become problematic. Last week, he filed a $500 million lawsuit against Univision for dropping the Miss Universe pageant.

This week, the establishment at the GOP has turned on Trump and tried to get him to “tone down” his opinions because they rock the boat and upset the status quo.

Despite this, the good news has started to poor in for Trump and his campaign. Yesterday, it was revealed that Trump is the frontrunner GOP candidate in North Carolina. Today, polls have revealed that Trump is actually the frontrunner among Republicans nationwide.


According to Mad World News, Trump is now backed by 15% of Republican voters, putting him four points ahead of Jeb Bush and Rand Paul. He is six points ahead of GOP candidates Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee.

Polls show that Trump’s approval rating is particularly high among Tea Partiers, with a whopping two thirds of his supporters identifying in that group.

Before Trump announced his candidacy three weeks ago, nobody expected him to become the frontrunner of the GOP race. Before his announcement, 38% of voters had a favorable view of him while 47% had an unfavorable view of him. Now, 49% of voters approve of him and 43% do not.


However, some reports say that Trump’s time as frontrunner may be short-lived, as many are supporting him just to send a message to other GOP candidates. Many Republicans like Trump’s no-nonsense attitude, and they want other candidates to adopt this from him.

When asked who will likely secure the nomination, however, 29% said Jeb Bush, more than twice the number that backed second place finisher Rand Paul. Trump came in with just 7% in this poll.

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