Cocky Gay Couple Demands Marriage License, Christian Clerk Gives Them THIS Instead

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Liberals everywhere have been rejoicing since the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision a few weeks ago. However, they may have celebrated a bit too soon, as conservative Christians across the country are taking a stand against the ruling.

In this video, a cocky gay couple march into Kentucky’s Rowan County office demanding a marriage license. County clerk Kim Davis, however, refuses, saying she is “worried about her own soul.”

According to Mediaite, David Ernold and his longtime partner David L. Moore were enraged and protested, but Davis would not budge. She decided that she was not willing to go against her faith for anything, not even a Supreme Court decision.

After being passed over for straight couples a few times, Ernold and Moore went to another employee at the office to complain. The employee informed them that the office “was not issuing any licenses,” and that they were supporting Davis’ beliefs “as a Christian” to refuse.

Video of the incident has garnered over one million views on youtube in just three days, with liberals slamming Davis for breaking the law. However, Republicans are currently trying to get legislation introduced that will allow clerks like Davis to refuse to hand out licenses that violate their religious beliefs.

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