Muslim Catches Infidels Eating During Ramadan, What He Does Next Is Disgusting

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Over the last few years, Muslims have effectively taken over Europe as millions of them flock there to flee the Middle East.

The problem with this is that Muslims believe that Islam should be the only religion in the world. It’s impossible for them to coexist with other religions, even when they are the ones who are moving to France, a country that is predominantly Christian.

In this clip, a Muslim man in Paris catches some infidels eating lunch during Ramadan, the holy fasting holiday of Islam. Instead of allowing these non-Muslims to enjoy their meal in peace, the young man throws a complete temper tantrum.

According to Mad World News, the Muslim vigilante, who is armed with a cane, then grabs a microphone and begins screaming, “people can’t eat because it’s the Ramadan!” He then tips over their table and throws food on the ground as the French citizens look on in horror.

While this clip may say seem ridiculous, it’s actually quite terrifying. It shows that entitled Muslims have basically taken over European society, and the same thing could happen in the U.S. if we aren’t careful.

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